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      Panasonic modular placement machine DT401-F

      Panasonic modular placement machine DT401-F


      Model name


      machine type


      PCB size

      L 50 mm x W 50 mm ~ L 510 mm x W 460mm

      Placement cycle

      0. 7s/chip (tape, bulk material)

      0. 8s/QFP (single pallet)

      1. 2s/QFP (double pallet)

      Placement accuracy

      ±50um (chip)

      ±35um (QFP)

      Component supply




      Max.20 (single pallet), Max.40 (double pallet)

      Component size

      0603 chip - L100mm x W90mm x T25mm

      PCB replacement time

      0.9 seconds 

      power supply

      Three-phase AC 200V, 1. 5kVA

      Air pressure source 

      0. 49MPa, 150L/m (AN R)

      Machine size

      W 1 260 mm x D 2 542 mm x H 1 430 mm

      Machine weight


      Panasonic modular placement machine DT401-F product features:

      1. Directly adsorb the pallet feeder and the rack to exchange the trolley at one time to improve the utilization rate

      direct adsorption

      The transfer placement head directly absorbs the components on the tray and can place various special-shaped components at high speed.

      The pallet supply during operation
      utilizes the replenishing part installed on the upper part of the feeder, which can provide pallet feeding when the material is out of stock without stopping.

      The material rack can be exchanged once.
      When the trolley model is changed, the tape-type material rack can be replaced at one time.

      2. Use standard equipment pressure control placement head, corresponding to plug-in connectors

      The pressure control placement head achieves a greater force of 50N through a 3-link device, and almost all plug-in connectors can be mounted.

      3. High-quality IC component placement through 3D sensors

      4. The components that can be processed range from micro-component 1005 chips to large components such as BGA, CSP, connectors, etc.

      5. Panasonic placement machine - Panasonic high-speed placement machine CM402 module placement machine

      has 5 types of public intelligent material racks that can be adjusted The tape-type material rack with feeding spacing corresponds to all types of tapes, and also has bulk material racks.





      郵   箱:zyzhang@topsmt.com

      地   址:深圳市寶安區福海街道塘尾社區荔園路142號翰宇灣區創新港4號樓二層

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